Collection Fall Winter 23


The Anna Seravalli FW23 collection is inspired by the Venetian lagoon in winter, by a Venice that is a little bit melancholy, a little bit rough, but sweet at the same time. It is inspired by the woman who, in Hemingway’s footsteps in Venice, wanders lost, with nowhere special to go, just immersing herself in the enigmatic lagoon surroundings. The beauty of it surprises her at every corner, like a young girl discovering the world for the first time, every day. She walks about, playing with a wardrobe inspired by the colours of the Venetian Marina: blue, red, and a light bright blue.

At Cipriani’s, Harry’s Bar had a table reserved exclusively for Hemingway, where the writer would put down his thoughts, his words, drowning himself in Martini Dry, wrapped in the chunky sweaters and the sailor’s jacket that he wore with such elegance, which we rediscover on the woman lost in the scenery of the lagoon.

In the winter of 1950s, Hemingway arrived to a Venice unexpectedly covered in a blanket of snow. He was entranced by the bright white, by the gleam overlooking the sea. This memory has evoked a choice of a palette in pale, warm, and elegant tones, where white wool mixes seamlessly with camel and an elegant touch of amethyst.

On the pages of Hemingway’s books, Venice is revealed and laid bare with its islets, its channels, and with its fishing valleys in the lagoon. A strong bond with the authentic nature can also be seen in the many facets that belong to the greens of the lagoon, such as moss green, acid green, and the characteristic colour of the waters there.

“I’m a boy from Basso Piave... I’m an old Veneto fanatic and I will leave my heart here” Ernest Hemingway