Who We Are

Anna Seravalli

Anna Seravalli is a clothing collection designed for the modern woman who wants to be independent, even in the way she dresses.
Our garments can be combined for an innovative and elegant total look.

The Anna Seravalli woman appreciates details in the choice of fabrics, design and manufacture. She is dynamic, active, self-confident and faces her life with determination.
Wearing the Anna Seravalli style means choosing clean lines and that touch of elegance that should never be lacking.

The Anna Seravalli clothing line offers comfort and sophistication that perfectly matches the attitude of those who favour being and not appearances: each garment embellishes the woman who wears it and makes the moment she wants to live unique.

Anna Seravalli's collections can be found in Italy as well as other countries around the world, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal across the ocean United States to the East, Japan and Taiwan.

Tradition and 'Made in Italy'

Anna Seravalli's clothing line brings together the Made in Italy tailoring tradition and the love of those who work on its creation.

It was born, in fact, from the experience of Araba Fenice, a Veneto-based company in continuous operation since 1986, also thanks to the Know How of its founder William Bianco.

Anna Seravalli is a well-designed fashion line made of fine materials and natural compositions that create something that enhances femininity and simplicity at the same time.

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