Anna Seravalli's Spring Summer collection feels the need to respond to new awareness, a total revolution in lifestyles, a change in thinking, but with a positive outlook on the future. Today, more than ever before, it is brimming with new intentions focused on well-being. Inspiration is drawn from the four key elements: earth, air, fire and water. One cannot exist without the other and they all go to make up a part of us at the centre of a perfect, life-giving union. In the garments Anna Seravalli proposes for this season, in the fabrics, in the attention to detail and colours we find all of this: energy, passion and femininity, expressing the desire for rebirth but always on trend.

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Anna Seravalli’s Spring / Summer collection blends tradition with a contemporary flair to create complete looks worthy of any occasion, the epitome of timeless style and comfort. Clothes designed for a woman who is always on trend and chooses refinement and simplicity to accompany her as she takes on her day with her head held high. The stars of this collection are linen, cotton, natural fabrics with rich plant fibres, and prints inspired by Africa and the undersea world.

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