S/S 2020

Natural fabrics and a chiaroscuro of sophisticated volumes dress a woman who always feels at ease and ready to live the day to the full.
The stripes are embellished with embroidery, the prints give the T-shirts a joyful air, the knitwear is lightweight and goes with every garment in the collection.
Dresses, shirts and T-shirts dominate spring/summer 2020 for easy, expertly-created crossover combinations.
The imperative for this summer is to have fun creating simple, elegant looks, to make you feel unique and special.

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F/W 2019 - 2020

Knits will be prominently featured in the upcoming fall/winter season. Fitted styling, clearly defined lines combined with soft, lightweight volumes, natural fibres and materials and also natural colours: ivory to air-force blue, earth tones and pearl grey plus the warmth of the reds and the piercing notes of ochre. A collection that confirms the quality of the yarns, the fineness of the knits and the sophisticated understatement of the models with which Anna Seravalli continues to celebrate femininity with consummate simplicity.

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