Collection Spring Summer 2024


Anna Seravalli’s journey for collection Spring Summer 2024. Corresponds to an inner evolution with a healthy dose of introspection that is reflected in every aspect and style choice. A gaze that looks eastwards from the lagoon to create a visual reconstruction of the traditional link between Venice and the East, which has never faded. An escape from global instability and from the technological world to get back into contact with one’s own feelings, something that is becoming more and more difficult in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The materiality of Anna Seravalli’s clothing is broken down into a palette of super-elegant, nuanced colours, tones associated with the natural world and specifically, with the gems and precious minerals that have always been full of symbolism, the embodiment of strength and purity. Amethyst, rose quartz, jade, calcite, pearl, citrine and onyx are just some of the colours and tones that give their names to our four colour stories. A palette of elegant tones, divided in two different nuances, then brightened up with touches of bolder shades.

Looking to the East has influenced the choice of fabrics, leading to a focus on natural appearance and composition, together with artisan dyes inspired by the fabric dyeing techniques that have been part of India’s cultural and artistic heritage for generations. Linen is dyed in degradè shades or pre-printed in stripes before overdyeing. Cotton is enhanced with three-dimensional weaves or blended with linen to create an effect of movement, a slub with a crisp, lived-in feel. Print designs with a timeless elegant “paisley” inspo, renewed with unexpected touches of colour or inspired by the block print technique used by Gujarat artisans for fabric decoration. Effects using layered colours and volumes to create dynamic, sophisticated fits that are easy to put together, designed for a contemporary woman who is not afraid to look ahead or, at the same time, to show her own fragility and feelings, transforming them into strengths.